When it comes to cutting weight, not only do you risk your performance and financial gain but you risk your health if you don’t do it right. I have spent time learning from the best in the business - George Lockhart and Dan Leith a.k.a Lockhart and Leith - which means Athlete X Performance Services can offer you a one stop shop in weight cutting. The difference a structured and personalised approach to weight cutting and reloading is remarkable and feedback from fighters is always amazing. Take a look below at what’s included and how I can help you walk into the cage in a better condition than ever before.



Personalised Weight Cut Protocol

A weight cut is an individual thing which requires an individual approach. Come fight week, a personalised strategy will be in place to help you lose weight in the least stressful way possible. A day to day approach will be set out, detailing exactly what needs done to hit weight. One thing is guaranteed, cutting weight will never have felt this good!

Personalised Rehydration Protocol

Even more important than the weight cut, it is imperative that you full rehydrate and reload the body to perform at 100%. Using the Lockhart and Leith methods, you will receive a indiviudalised plan to rehydrate you with the correct amount of minerals as soon as you step of the scale and reload you with the right amout of macronutrients to make sure you have the energy to perform for as long as required.

Nutritional Plans Throughout Camp

You can benefit by having your very own nutritonal program throughout your camp. This will include a daily breakdown of what to eat at every meal in line with your activity and training for that day. You will also receive a reload strategy after each and every workout to ensure you recover as quickly as possible ahead of your next training session. Throughout camp we will be in daily contact, making sure your program is optimal every single day.

In House Meal Preparation

The best working with the best. Take every bit of stress/hassle/inconvenience out of your fight prep by having me come and cook for you. A very popular option during fight week, all grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking is taken care of by myself, meaning all you have to do is enjoy the fresh food, cooked daily, and focus on getting the win! This approach provides you with the exact amount of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need, with a focus on providing nutritious, healthy, gourmet-quality food.





  • Chef Service

  • FREE nutritional program for final 4 weeks of camp

  • Full guidance and assistance with weight cut

  • Personalised rehydration protocl with shakes provided

  • POA


  • Daily phone/email contact

  • Daily nutritional plan

  • Remote assistance with personalised weight cut protocol

  • Personalised rehydration protocol provided

  • From £100 per week


  • Nutritional program

  • Chef Service throughout camp

  • Chef service for fight week

  • Full guidance and assistance with weight cut

  • Personalised rehydration protocol with shakes provided

  • POA



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